Moving heads

Moving heads stage light iclude moving head beam light, spot light, wash light or hybrid light. It is designed to provide dynamic and flexible illumination by allowing its head to move and pan, tilt, or rotate in various directions.

Unlike traditional fixed lights, a moving head light can change its position and angle during a performance or event, offering a wide range of lighting effects and creative possibilities.

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As a supplier of professional moving head light, we developed moving head beam light, moving head spot light, moving head wash light as well as hybrid moving heads from different power and sizes.

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Moving heads application

These versatile moving head fixtures, equipped with motorized controlled pan & tilt, offer a breathtaking range of motion and control, allowing lighting designers to create mesmerizing displays and captivating atmospheres.

The application of moving head lights has become an essential tool in the hands of creative professionals, elevating experiences and leaving audiences in awe of the magical interplay of light and artistry.

  • Live performances
  • Theater stages
  • Concerts
  • Transforming event spaces

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I was looking of a upgrade for my Source4 fixture to LED. The OEM unit are backorders and twice as much as this unit. The first two I purchased shipped from the US quickly. After using them on a project I ordered 2 more that drop shipped from China and took about 30 days to get.

J. Miller

Impressive little leko light! It's not a mini S4 but pretty nice for the money. Accurate color reproduction, smooth dimming and surprisingly bright for just 40w COB. Build quality is great and tolerances are tight.


Ovation's products have brought a new level of professionalism to our events. The clarity, brightness, and versatility of the lights have greatly impressed our audience.

Lauren B.

The installation process was a breeze thanks to the knowledgeable team at Ovation lighting. The lights have exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be happier with our purchase.

Adam P.

We appreciate the reliability and durability of Ovation Mini Fresnel gallery light. The lights have been a great investment for our company and have held up well under demanding conditions.

Sarah M.

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  • We are manufacture based in Guangzhou China.

  • Yes, our fixture support wide range voltage which is 100 – 240V.

  • Yes, every unit have plug, and we’ll prepare according which type of plug you need.

  • Yes, flight case can be provided on request.

  • Yes, we have library in R20, D4, and for MA lighting.

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Illuminating Creativity: The Transformative Power of Moving Head Lights

In the world of entertainment and events, the evolution of lighting technology has seen remarkable advancements over the years. Among these innovations, moving head lights have emerged as a revolutionary tool, redefining the way we illuminate performances, events, and architectural displays. Their ability to create dynamic and mesmerizing lighting effects has made them an essential choice for lighting designers and enthusiasts alike. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of moving head lights, exploring their components, applications, and the impact they have on the entertainment industry.

Evolution of Lighting Technology

To truly appreciate the significance of moving head lights, it is essential to understand their historical context. From the simple oil lamps used in ancient performances to the introduction of electric lighting in the late 19th century, the art of illuminating stages and events has come a long way. Advancements in lighting technology, such as the introduction of tungsten lamps and the shift to LEDs, laid the foundation for the development of moving head lights, offering a level of flexibility and versatility previously unimaginable.

Types of Moving Head Lights

There are several types of moving head lights, each catering to specific lighting requirements.

  • Spot moving head lights deliver concentrated beams of light, ideal for highlighting performers or objects.
  • Wash moving head lights disperse broad beams, effectively covering larger areas with uniform illumination.
  • Beam moving head lights produce narrow, intense beams, perfect for creating impactful aerial effects.
  • Hybrid moving head lights combine features from various types, offering a versatile all-in-one solution.

LED moving head VS lamp based moving head

There has been a discussion on whether I should choose the LED moving head or lamp based moving head light. Here below is a comparison of them.

LED Moving Head Lights

  • Light Source: LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps are used as the light source in LED moving head lights.
  • Efficiency: LED technology is highly energy-efficient, consuming less power and producing less heat compared to traditional lamps.
  • Lifespan: LEDs have a longer lifespan, typically lasting tens of thousands of hours, reducing the need for frequent lamp replacements.
  • Color Mixing: LED moving head lights can achieve precise color mixing by blending RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors, allowing for a wide range of hues.
  • Weight: LED fixtures are generally lighter, making them easier to handle and rig in various setups.
  • Instant Start: LEDs have an instant start-up time, allowing for immediate lighting effects without warm-up periods.

Lamp Moving Head Lights

  • Light Source: Lamp-based moving head lights use traditional lamps, such as halogen, incandescent, or discharge lamps.
  • Efficiency: Lamps are less energy-efficient, consuming more power and generating more heat than LED counterparts.
  • Lifespan: Lamps have a shorter lifespan compared to LEDs, often requiring more frequent replacements.
  • Color Mixing: Color mixing in lamp-based fixtures may involve the use of color gels or filters, which can be less precise than LED color mixing.
  • Weight: Lamp-based fixtures are generally heavier due to the components required to house and support the traditional lamps.
  • Warm-Up Time: Lamp-based fixtures may require some time to warm up before reaching their full brightness and color stability.

Both LED moving head lights and lamp moving head lights have their respective advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the lighting application, budget considerations, and the desired lighting effects. LED moving head lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their energy efficiency, longevity, and advanced features, but lamp-based fixtures may still be preferred in certain scenarios where specific color rendering or effects are desired.

Applications of Moving Head Lights

Moving head lights find extensive application in various domains of the entertainment industry. From theater productions and concerts to live events, festivals, and nightclubs, these fixtures enrich the visual experience, captivating audiences with their captivating lighting designs. Moreover, moving head lights have become an integral part of architectural lighting, transforming buildings and landmarks into stunning canvases of light and color.

Why Are Moving Head Lights Important?

The significance of moving head lights goes beyond their technical capabilities. These fixtures play a pivotal role in enhancing visual experiences for audiences, immersing them in the magic of light and sound. They empower lighting designers to unleash their creativity and imagination, translating artistic visions into unforgettable spectacles. Moving head lights are instrumental in elevating the overall quality of productions and events, making them indispensable tools in the hands of professionals.

Top Manufacturers of Moving Head Lights

Several manufacturers have been known for producing top-quality moving head lights. However, it’s important to note that the market is constantly evolving, and new players may have emerged since then. Here are some of the reputable manufacturers known for their moving head lights:

  • Martin by Harman: Martin is renowned for its high-performance moving head fixtures, catering to a wide range of applications, including concerts, live events, and theatrical productions.
  • Chauvet Professional: Chauvet offers a diverse lineup of moving head lights that combine innovation and affordability, making them a popular choice for various lighting designers and professionals.
  • Robe Lighting: Robe is known for its cutting-edge moving head fixtures, renowned for their reliability, versatility, and creative features, making them a favorite among many lighting designers.
  • Elation Professional: Elation is a well-established brand, producing a broad selection of moving head lights suitable for various entertainment and architectural lighting applications.
  • Claypaky: Claypaky is recognized for its premium moving head lights used in concerts, events, and theatrical productions, valued for their exceptional build quality and unique lighting effects.
  • Vari-Lite: Vari-Lite has a legacy of pioneering moving head lights in the entertainment industry, offering a wide range of high-quality fixtures with advanced features.
  • ADJ (American DJ): ADJ specializes in affordable moving head lights suitable for small to medium-sized events and venues, delivering solid performance at a budget-friendly price point.
  • High End Systems: High End Systems has a strong presence in the professional lighting market, known for its high-performance moving head lights used in concert tours, theater productions, and events.
  • PR Lighting: PR Lighting is a leading Chinese manufacturer offering a diverse range of moving head lights known for their value and reliability.
  • Golden Sea: Golden Sea is a high-tech enterprise listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We focus on developing and manufacturing professional stage lighting, cultural tourism lighting, UV disinfection, and stage truss products, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, service, cultural creation, and engineering construction.
  • GLP (German Light Products): GLP produces a range of innovative and high-quality moving head lights that have gained popularity in the entertainment industry.

Please keep in mind that the lighting industry is highly dynamic, and it’s essential to research and check for the latest offerings, reviews, and customer feedback when considering purchasing moving head lights from any manufacturer.


Moving head lights have undoubtedly revolutionized the art of illumination, pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination in the entertainment industry. With their ability to create dynamic lighting effects and immersive experiences, these fixtures have become indispensable tools for lighting designers worldwide. As technology continues to advance, moving head lights are poised to shape the future of lighting, illuminating our world with brilliance and innovation.