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Who is Ovation light? where they are? And what their team behind? Know more about us in this page.

Why us

We focus on every details

At Ovation, attention to detail is a top priority. We strives to ensure that every aspect of its stage lighting products, from design to performance, meets the highest standards of quality. By focusing on the smallest details, Ovation lighting delivers exceptional products that exceed customer expectations.

Support team

Meet our expert team

Ovation awsome sales team will serve you whenever you have any questions. Contact us anytime you like. And we will back to you within 12 hours.

Quality assured

Strict quality control management

With comprehensive equipment and processes such as supplier assessment, raw material inspection, production SOP control, aging testing, shipping testing. Our lighting products are delivered to clients with high quality and bring you value and benefit.

  1. White aluminum LED board

    Supplier assessment

    We have a comprehensive precess for selecting material supplier. Only work with suppliers with good reputation and reliable quality.
  2. Stage light heatsink pending for inspection

    In-comming inspection

    Also called pre-production inspection. Product materials require check for quality as they come in from vendors.
  3. Production line inspection by QC

    In-process inspection

    Also called During Production Inspection. Goods are 100% inspected in production line. The idea is to monitor and find quality issues before they occur and avoid reworking.
  4. Fresnel light under aging testing

    Aging testing

    Every single product dlivered to clients will be 100% tested for at least 8 hours before packing.
  5. QC inspecting white LED fresnel track light

    Final inspection

    QC conducts measurements of the finished products to ensure they were produced according to specifications.
  6. Transportation test machine

    Shipment testing

    We will pick several items to do vibration test to simulate the real transportation environment.
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Frequently asked questions

We've answered as many frequently asked questions from clients from different platforms. If you don't see your question answered, please feel free to contact us. Not finding what you're looking for? Contact us with any time.

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Proudly made in China

We are proud to produce our innovative stage lighting products right here in China. We use state-of-the-art technology and the skills of experienced craftspeople to bring our customers high-quality products that deliver the perfect performance.

By manufacturing in China, we are able to offer competitive pricing and quick delivery times, while still maintaining our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business.Whether you are looking for moving heads, profile lights, fresnel lights, or any other type of stage lighting, you can trust that Ovation lighting will deliver a solution that meets your exact needs.