Brand assets and guidelines

Thanks for your interest in Ovation light! This is the official branding resources for use. We have a couple of guidelines for using our brand assets. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them before use.

Download brand assets zip file

Ovation light official logo

Official logo files are in SVG, EPS, PNG format, with transparent backgrounds. You can also download the logos in different format from the above link. And if any questions, freely contact us!

Ovation light brand colors

The hex codes for the official Ovation light colors.

Brand guidelines

Couple things to keep in mind when using our assets. Have a read before you get started. And no, it won’t take long.

  • Always use the logo from our official channel.
  • Give the logo some space—don’t clutter it with other text or graphics.
  • Use the black or white logo when overlaying on other images or colored backgrounds.
  • Don’t use colors in the logo that aren’t included in our brand colors (see above).
  • Don’t modify our logos, icons or other assets.

  • Don’t use our logos as your own identity or for your own branding purposes.

  • Don’t use our graphics in a way that might confuse your visitors into thinking your service is owned by Ovation light.

That’s it! Thanks for following these rules. We appreciate it—and you! And if any questions, freely contact us at