What is ellipsoidal light?


Jun Chen

Product: Ovation LED ellipsoidal series


Ellipsoidal light, also known as ellipsoidal reflector spotlight(ERS), leko light, profile spotlights(in Europe), is a type of stage lighting fixture, named for the ellipsoidal reflector used to collect and direct the light through a barrel that contains a lens.

With this versatile fixture, you can control the shape, size, edge, color and intensity of the beam of light.

What consist of a ellipsoidal light?

There are three main components of a ellipsoidal light: the light source(lamp) which is in the back or called engine, the shutter blades in the barrel that shape the light, and the lens in the front.

  • Light engine body
  • Barrel which carries the four shutter blades
  • Lens with different degrees optional

Where is ellipsoidal light used?

Elllipsoidal are useful when you want:

  • A sharp edge
  • Change the shape of lighting field
  • Reach hard to light places
  • A fixture which can project a pattern(with gobo holder and gobo)

And ellipsoidal can be used to the following applications:

  • Stages
  • Theatres
  • Studios
  • Fashion shows
  • Shops

Lens degree

Ellipsoidal lights come with a certain size lens or lenses that determines the field angle, range from five degrees to ninety degrees.

Fixed lens - Most manufacturers now use field angle to indicate the fixture's spread typically in this series (5°, 10°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 75°, 90°), among these, most widely used lens degree is 19°, 26°, 36°.

Zoom lens - Unlike the fixed lens fixture which consist lens + barrel. The four shutter blades are in the zoom lens. The regular zoom lens degree include: 15° - 30°, 25° - 50°, and als 18° - 38° lens from Ovation Honor Series ellipsoidal.

Here below is the fixed lens tuble(plus barrel) and zoom lens tube.