Ovation Honor 300 profile spot in Jordan store

Updated: Nov 24, 2023Events
Jordan Parc Central Honor 300 Profile 03

Location: Parc Central, Guangzhou, China

Products: Honor Series Profiles, tunable white version

The Ovation Honor series profile spot from Ovation Lighting is making waves in the retail industry, as it illuminates the Jordan store in Parc Central, Guangzhou China. This powerful LED lighting fixture is perfect for highlighting products in retail stores or creating dramatic lighting effects in event spaces.

With its high output and precise optics, the Honor profile is ideal for creating crisp, bright beams of light that can be used to draw attention to specific areas or products within a space, the four shutters is perfect to control the shape of the light. The Jordan store in Parc Central, Guangzhou China, is a perfect example of how the profile spotlight can be used to create a welcoming, inviting atmosphere for customers.

Our Honor series profile spot is quickly becoming a popular choice among retailers and event planners. Its powerful output, precise optics, and sleek design make it an excellent choice for any lighting application. With its ability to create dramatic lighting effects and highlight products in a way that is both elegant and eye-catching, the Honor 300 is sure to remain a favorite among lighting professionals for years to come.

Ever since 2016, Ovation has been one of the lighting suppliers for all mainland China Jordan stores.

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