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Tiny S

In addition to the fluid reservoir also the battery can be screwed directly into the machine.
Thus, any external cable or fluid tube is not longer needed and the Tiny S consists of only one component.

  • Smallest dimensions and very light weight,
  • Easy one-hand-operation
  • Battery supplies energy only when necessary to increase the Standby time
  • Warm up time only 1 second
  • Continuous output
  • Fogging time programmable
  • Control via start button, cable remote and radio remote
  • Vaporizer can easily be changed if necessary
  • Minimal fluid consumption (0.5 ml/min. at continuous output)
  • Supplied in a case for transport and storage
  • Made in Germany
Technical data
Accessories And Fluids

Technical data

ProcedureHaze generator without compressor
Power requirement1500 Watt
Voltageavailable for: 230 V / 50 Hz, 120 V / 60 Hz, 90 V / 50 Hz
Warm up timeapprox. 60 sec.
Fluid tank capacity2 l for up to 50 hrs cont. output
Integrierter Lüfter> 6000 l / min.
Haze densityadjustable in 99 steps
Temperature controlMicroprocessor controlled
Overheating protectionHeater block with thermostat, pump with temperature switch
ControlDMX 512, 0 - 10 V analog


  • Duct adaptor
  • Y-Splitter
  • Silicon tube, Ø 15 mm
  • Tiny S-Radio remote


  • Tiny-Fluid
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